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The Kawarau Bridge is the birthplace of all things to do with bungy jumping.  This is the site of the very first commercially available bungy jump in the world.  Today it is possible to enjoy your first ever standard jump, or for the thrill seekers among you there is also the Ledge Bungy available.

The standard bungy jump is off the bridge; 43m from the river.  You have the option of completing your jump either just above the water, just touching the water, or if you like you can be completely saturated in the river below – the choice is yours.

If you want to try the Ledge Bungy you will be fitted to a special harness that will allow you to do all types of jumps including twists, air flips and so much more.  If you are an extreme sports fanatic then ask about “The Gainer”.

The Ledge Bungy is done 400m above the township from the top of the Gondola and night bungy jumps are also available throughout the winter months (July through to September).  All jumpers get a free t-shirt as part of their package and all jumps are carefully supervised by qualified personnel.


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