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Back in the 1860’s gold was discovered in the hills around Queenstown and over the next 100 years more than 46 tons of gold was extracted from that mine. The Goldfield Mining Centre gives its visitors the opportunity to see just what it was like when the mining was at its peak.

You will see just how the miners lived, what conditions they worked under and just how hard their life was as they toiled for the greatest prize there was – gold.

One of the highlights of this trip is a chance to visit the Chinese village – many of the miners were Asians who were trying to make enough money to set themselves up in New Zealand for life. Another must see is the stamper battery that was the only way miners could crush the rock to get the gold and the California sluice gun – both of these machines are still operational today.

Your trip to the Goldfields Mining Centre can include your own chance at finding your own gold nugget in the areas around the main mine – there are still some value in those hills.

To get to the Goldfields Mining Centre is on the outskirts of Cromwell, at the beginning of the Kawarau Gorge (State Highway 6). It is about a 50 minute drive from Queenstown.


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