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The Maori people have strong links in the Queenstown and Fiordland area and the Kiwi Haka experience helps visitors from overseas and other parts of New Zealand to understand the affinity the people have with the land and the lakes.

Visitors to the Kiwi Haka are treated to a show that explores the culture of the Maori people and in particular their reverence of Papatuanuku; the Earth Mother.

Kiwi Haka itself is a small theatre set in the Skyline Complex. It is possible for you to enjoy the Kiwi Haka experience along with a meal at the Skyline Restaurant and a gondola ride. Because the theatre can only take up to 75 people bookings are essential and group functions are also possible.

During the show the visitors will learn how the Maori view the world and the creation of New Zealand. With stories of the different gods of the natural elements (wind, sea, water and fire) and the land (forests and mountains) and how all these came together to create a sustainable lifestyle as well as the Maori culture and customs, this is an experience for tourists and New Zealanders alike.





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