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With run names like the Terminator, Eliminator, Diangulator and Exterminator you can tell that the Remarkables Ski Resort offers some extreme skiing action for those inclined to take up the challenge. However not all of the runs are for the adventurous at heart.

They do offer plenty of space (and lessons) for skiers of all ages and levels of expertise. In fact they even teach you how to use their user-friendly chair lifts so you can progress up the mountain as you get more comfortable with what you can do.

Back to the extreme side of things the Diangulator for example has a 2 metre drop in and then a series of dog-legs about half way down the run – you really need to know how to do multiple jump turns to conquer this run. The other extreme runs are just as tricky.

If you are not inclined to want to climb or do anything too strenuous then the Sugar Bowl is the place for you. It offers plenty of space to have a gentle ski and no climbing is involved.

You can get to the ski field by road – there is a shuttle service that runs too and from the Remarkables several times a day during the ski season. You can also drive yourself – it is a 28km trip. However please note that at the time of writing 13kms of this road is unsealed so if you are not used to driving on gravel and snow then it might be best to take the shuttle service.


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