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Queenstown was the first place in New Zealand to offer extended opening hours and even 24/7 shopping facilities. While not everything is open all night, many retail outlets in Queenstown appreciate that visitors might not want to ship during traditional business hours and most of them stay open well into the evening.

Because of Queenstown’s small size it is easy to travel around the township on foot so you have no worries with parking. You will often find boutique stores down little alleyways and lanes that you won’t even see in the car. Your daily supplies are well catered for as well as Queenstown has a range of grocery outlets, a pharmacy, appliance stores and more.

Queenstown is one of the best places in New Zealand to buy your ski and other sports equipment but if you are looking to buy gifts for the family back home then you should look for the gorgeous stores that offer wool and sheepskin clothing as well as handcrafted jewellery made in Pounamu (greenstone).

If you want to travel a little bit out of the town centre then look for hand made chocolates, art and gorgeous jewellery in Arrowtown, or pop over to Glenorchy where their speciality is possum skin clothes and home made textiles.


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