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The unique nature of the Canyon Swing is a true testament to Kiwi ingenuity. Built in early 2000 the creators of this system, Hamish Emerson and Chris Russell, spent years going over all of the rock faces on the Wakitpu Basin; climbing and swinging their way through to an idea that now sees hundreds of visitors and jumpers every year.

Bookings are essential for this trip that leaves Queenstown 8 times per day in the summer months and a little less in the winter months. The guides only allow 11 people per time on the ledge and to take the jump and this number includes spectators. The trip involves a ten minute drive out of Queenstown; a 3 minute walk through some lovely bush and then you come to the jumping platform.

The Canyon Swing is unique in that you are fitted into a seat with a chest harness and connected to the jump ropes. You launch yourself from a 109m high cliff and fall for 60m before being smoothly swung past the rock face itself – this is an adrenalin filled experience. With the swing reaching speeds of up to 150kph and the rock face speeding past you as you fall, it is hard to imagine anybody doing this for the first time and not being scared. But it is a world of fun for the nervous and extremist alike.

Each trip takes approximately 2 – 3 hours and bookings can be made through your accommodation host, or the Queenstown Information Centre.


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