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Queenstown enjoys four seasons a year; Summer is from December through to March; Autumn from April through May; Skiing (Winter) from June to September and Spring from September to December.

In summer you can expect long warm days with a temperature of around 20 – 30 degrees Celcius (70-90 degrees F). Sun rise is as early as 5am and around the longest days it doesn’t set until about 10pm.

In autumn the days get a little cooler and they can go below zero degrees (C), but with maximum temperatures still up around 25 degrees (C) it pays to layer up rather than pull out the winter woollies.

Winter does get cold but the days are often still bright and clear which is perfect for skiing. Temperatures don’t go much higher than about 8 degrees Celsius in winter and they often go below zero. There is often a lot of snow around so remember chains when driving and check for road closures especially over the Southern Alps.

Queenstown weather

As spring comes round the weather gets warmer again; around 8 – 22 degrees Celsius. But the weather can also be unpredictable and it always pay to be prepared for spring showers which often occur on the nicest of days.


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